Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package

Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” (or Great Spirit) Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”.

Known in Europe and the West as “Ghandi”, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Bapu seems to have gone out of fashion with the younger Indian generation who only come across him in history books or his portrait that hangs on the walls in Government offices. We, at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel, however strongly believe that it is important to remember and honor the personality who was largely responsible for our freedom.

This year October 2nd falls on a Friday, thereby giving holiday goers an extended 3 day holiday. Accordingly we have planned a special Gandhi Jayanthi package for our guests at special rates.

Follow Gandhiji’s austere choices, with unlimited fruit juices, soft beverages and non-alcoholic drinks,

For breakfast, at any time of your choice, we will serve a delicious local vegetarian breakfast spread of freshly-baked pavs, alu bhaji, chole bhaji, masala dosa/idli, butter and jam, fruit & fruit-juice. No tea coffee or eggs will be served in according with Gandhiji’s ideals.

We will serve you a special Gujarati dinner meal with Gandhiji’s preferences of rice,dal, chapatis buttermilk and vegetables at our cabana in the rear of the villa in total privacy.

No alcohol will be served in keeping with Gandhiji’s abhorence for such intoxicating drinks and in accordance with the dry day. We request you make a special effort to honour the Father-of-the-Nation and stay alcohol-free for just a day !

Book early to avoid disappointment as we are a small,boutique property and get booked out pretty fast.

So hurry, pack your bags and come to spend this Gandhi Jayanti in a truly unique manner at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel on 2nd Oct 2015.

The Mitaroy Goa Hotel “Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package” is a 4 Day, 3 Night Package at a special all inclusive rate of only 15 K.


Goa Carnival 2013 to be made bigger and better

Goa Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar has announced that the Goa Tourism Ministry plans to make the Goa Carnival 2013 even bigger and better than it usually is by inviting neighbouring States such as Maharashtra, Karnataka and even Gujarat to join in the parades with their floats. 

The Goa Tourism Ministry is also planning to revive the Food and Cultural Festival during the Goa Carnival 2013 by inviting neighbouring States to participate at this festival to showcase their cuisine and culture with food stalls and programmes. While Goan cuisine will dominate the food festival, it would give Goans a taste of food from the rest of India, said Minister Parulekar.

Unlike previous years, professional event management agencies will be employed by the Goa Tourism Ministry who will conceptualise and work out the themes for the Goan and neighbouring state floats.

This is the first time that the Goan Carnival will include floats and food from outside the state. In the past, the Goan Carnival only showcased the unique food and culture of Goa. While this effort by Minister Parulekar to add other neighbouring states to the Goa Carnival 2013 will certainly help visitors and tourists from these neighbouring states to feel at home in Goa during the Carnival as well as expose Goans to the cultures of other states, the question remains whether the Goan Carnival is the right place to showcase other cultures or whether the Goan Carnival should be limited to Goan food and culture alone.

What do you think ? Should the Goan Carnival 2013 include other neighbouring states as well ? Or should the Goan Carnival only showcase Goa’s unique cultural heritage ? 

Do let me know in the comments…

Photo Credit: Anoop Negi