Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package

Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” (or Great Spirit) Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”.

Known in Europe and the West as “Ghandi”, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Bapu seems to have gone out of fashion with the younger Indian generation who only come across him in history books or his portrait that hangs on the walls in Government offices. We, at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel, however strongly believe that it is important to remember and honor the personality who was largely responsible for our freedom.

This year October 2nd falls on a Friday, thereby giving holiday goers an extended 3 day holiday. Accordingly we have planned a special Gandhi Jayanthi package for our guests at special rates.

Follow Gandhiji’s austere choices, with unlimited fruit juices, soft beverages and non-alcoholic drinks,

For breakfast, at any time of your choice, we will serve a delicious local vegetarian breakfast spread of freshly-baked pavs, alu bhaji, chole bhaji, masala dosa/idli, butter and jam, fruit & fruit-juice. No tea coffee or eggs will be served in according with Gandhiji’s ideals.

We will serve you a special Gujarati dinner meal with Gandhiji’s preferences of rice,dal, chapatis buttermilk and vegetables at our cabana in the rear of the villa in total privacy.

No alcohol will be served in keeping with Gandhiji’s abhorence for such intoxicating drinks and in accordance with the dry day. We request you make a special effort to honour the Father-of-the-Nation and stay alcohol-free for just a day !

Book early to avoid disappointment as we are a small,boutique property and get booked out pretty fast.

So hurry, pack your bags and come to spend this Gandhi Jayanti in a truly unique manner at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel on 2nd Oct 2015.

The Mitaroy Goa Hotel “Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package” is a 4 Day, 3 Night Package at a special all inclusive rate of only 15 K.


Holy Week Celebrations in Goa

My mother blogs from Goa…

Due to the Portugese influence in Goa the Holy week is celebrated as a major festival by the many Christians in Goa alongwith their non Christian friends.We used to go to Goa for the Holy Week many years back when the kids were young. Now being able to stay in the Mitaroy Goa Hotel right in the heart of Panjim, my friend Martha encouraged me to celebrate the Holy week with my Goan friends.

Good Friday is celebrated with great reverence by the Goan Catholics.It takes place at the end of the 40 days of prayer and penance of Lent beginning with Ash Wednesday. There are special masses and processions in almost every Church but the most spectacular is in the capital city of Panaji.This is celebrated in the square of the Mary Immaculate Conception a few minutes walk from the Mitaroy. Large crowds in formal clothes gather to celebrate the Holy Mass in Konkani(the native language) with the sermon describing the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Then the Holy Cross is uncovered for veneration and then renacting the path of Jesuus on Mount Cavalry the cross with an image of Jesus is carried in solemn procession by clergy dressed in special clothes.People walk along side the cross while the procession is watched by hundreds of Hindus and Christians standing in Fellowship along the way.In fact when I told my Hindu friend that I was going to Goa for the Holy Week he vividly remembered the large specatular procession on Good Friday which he had observed 10 years back!! Somber music accompanies the procession as it winds along the streets of Panjim winding up in the Church.

Although Good Friday is a day of fast and abstinence to remember the solemn suffering and death of Jesus,one tradition always indulged in by our family is the buying of Hot Cross buns-special buns with dried fruits and a sugar cross on them.Those who had their feet washed at the Last Supper celebration on the previous day Holy Thursday would have already received theirs from the priest after the washing.

After praying silently on Holy Saturday Christians get ready for Easter to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.Pealing of bells signals the start of the midnight Easter vigil service,the huge crowds of families and friends ensuring the services are held outdors in the Mary Immaculate square, few minutes from the Mitaroy.

Easter Sunday is a time of indulgence with family and friends after the 40 days of Lent.Beautifully decorated Easter eggs and Easter bunnies are bought for children as gifts.

Goa is the best Easter holiday destination and where better to enjoy the celebrations than staying at the Mitaroy surrounded by Churches and Catholic homes all in celebratory moods.Adults and children are dressed in their new finery Street plays,songs,dances and colorful

carnivals enhance the mood.Some organise games for children and adults involving all the family and friends including treasure hunts to find the Easter eggs and bunnies.and exchange colorful Easer lanterns and even Holy Crosses as gifts.Lavish lunches and diinner parties fill the celebrations and some make or buy Easter cakes to share with one other.

As I tiredly find my way back to Bangalore I am glad I took up my friend’s suggestion and celebrated the Holy Week at the Mitaroy Goa, where surrounded by friends we do not miss our children who could not be with us and still recreate the fervour of Good Friday and the celebration of Easter as in the days of yore when as children we celebrated with our big families and friends…Till another Good Friday and Easter then…