Mario Miranda’s 90th birth anniversary celebrations in Goa

Mario Miranda's 90th birth anniversary celebrations in Goa

The iconic Mario Miranda’s another famous Goan son of the soil touched generations with his humor. Mario featured Goan parents and grandparents in his works and so their children were more curious to see them in his cartoons.

Mario’s well loved characters,Ms.Fonseca the underdog,Godbole the Boss, Bundalbass the politician and the beggar are interesting characters forming part of the urban post independence era.

From the age of 10, he maintained 3 visual diaries of life around him on Goa’s socio-cultural environment from 1949, 1950 and 1951 which developed along with his draftmanship and style.Mario’s importance is that he saw the humorous side of life and issues in a world filled with discontent and violence.

I myself am very fond of Mario’s humor and have put up many of his paintings and picturesque tiles in my Mitaroy Goa hotel,Fontainhas,which I find very interesting and amusing, typifying the funnier side of Goan life.

A long time friend of Mario, Architect Gerard da Cunh has used the opportunity to release an illustrated diary of the 22 year old Mario while he was a student of St. Xavier’s Bombay.”Mario’s work on Goa is very powerful and mesmerizing which adds to the feeling of a fairyland” says Gerard.

The Mitaroy Goa Guide, edited annually by me, is proudly displayed and sold at Gerard’s Houses of Goa Museum, an Indo-Portuguese ship shaped architectural museum!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Mario 🙂

The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present - Honeymoon Goa

This wedding season gift your near and dear ones something they will not throw away or exchange or pass on to others: A romantic getaway!

Gift the newly weds a truly pampering experience at my romantic heritage Mitaroy Hotel in Goa.The idea is for the two to have a memorable experience relax simply let their hair down and come closer together.

A big fat Indian wedding takes a major toll on the couple đź’‘

So at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel – India’s Only Couples Hotel, we gift the newly weds a perfect break of a romantic dinner on the beach away from the crowd.Here they can reconnect as a couple and relish their best memories from the wedding days while enjoying authentic Goan delicacies.

Doing fun activities will further increase their bonding.Hence at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel, we gift the couple a romantic boat cruise down the Mandovi tapping their feet to pulsating live music – both Goan as well as non Goan.

So this wedding season gift your near and dear or yourselves a romantic holiday in my couples-only Mitaroy Goa Hotel and we will do the rest to make it an unforgettable lifetime experience

8th Indo – German Cultural Week Goa 2015

Indo German Friendship Society GoaOnce again, the IGSG – Indo German Friendship Society Goa has organised a special German Cultural Week from 6 – 12 December 2015.

Opening Lunch of German Cultural Week Goa
December 6 (Sunday) 1 pm
Baba’s Wood CafĂ©, Bela Goa Annexe, opp. Carasid pastry shop, Miramar, Panjim

For the opening lunch this year they have chosen Baba’s Wood CafĂ© in Panjim. It is an Italian restaurant managed by Ms Maria from Milan (Italy) and specialising in traditional pizzas, pasta and home made gelato, situated at Miramar. Open to members and friends of IGSG – Indo German Friendship Society Goa. There is a limited number of participants and preregistration required. Please contact the IGSG for more details.

Bakery Course by German Ladies
December 7 (Monday) 9:30 pm till lunch time
Agnel Ashram, NH 17, Verna

In this Bakery Course, 3 German ladies will show the participants of the class how to prepare three typical German cakes (Bavarian Prinzregententorte, apple cake, biscuit roll)  and a German full wheat bread.
Prinzregententorte is a delicious Bavarian torte, which consists of at least six, mostly seven, thin layers of sponge cake interlaid with chocolate buttercream. The exterior is covered with a dark chocolate glaze. The Prinzregententorte is very popular in Bavaria, available in cake shops all year round. There is a registration fee and preregistration required. Please contact the IGSG for more details.

Filmscreening: “Fack Ju Göhte” (Suck me Shakespeer) 
December 10 (Thursday) 6 pm
Art Chamber, Castelo Vermelho, Gauravaddo 115/a, Calangute
Director: Bora Dagtekin, color, 113 min., 2013, German with English subtitles

After a 13-month stretch in prison, the crook Zeki Müller is looking for the loot from his last robbery. He applies for a position as a janitor at the school, since, as it happens, the money is buried under the new school gym. However, Zeki lands a job as a supply teacher. He has to deal with a naive trainee teacher and problem kids who can’t even spell “Fuck you, Goethe” correctly. Thus, the young man unintentionally embarks on a career in education. Its great fun to watch and was the most successful German film of 2013. Entry is free.

December 12 (Saturday), 6 pm
Venue: Club Vasco da Gama, opp. Municipal Garden, Panjim

Entry free, no registration required (Right of admission reserved). Food and drinks from 6 pm onwards.

Enjoy a delicious spread of:

  • Imported German beer “Paulaner” and local beer
  • Authentic German food: Wiener (German sausages), Sauerkraut, German potato salad, Pumpernickel with original Black Forest ham or German cheese, and more…
  • Genuine German schnaps from the Black Forest (kirsch), apricot licor, eggs licor Verpoorten, herbal liqueur Jägermeister
  • German pastry: Imported Christmas stollen and German cakes made by German ladies
  • and for your Christmas celebration at home: the famous Christmas stollen made by German baker Klaus Bredt


IGSG – Indo German Friendship Society Goa

Mobile: 9763365050,

Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package

Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package

Gandhi Jayanti is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” (or Great Spirit) Gandhi, the “Father of the Nation”.

Known in Europe and the West as “Ghandi”, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Bapu seems to have gone out of fashion with the younger Indian generation who only come across him in history books or his portrait that hangs on the walls in Government offices. We, at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel, however strongly believe that it is important to remember and honor the personality who was largely responsible for our freedom.

This year October 2nd falls on a Friday, thereby giving holiday goers an extended 3 day holiday. Accordingly we have planned a special Gandhi Jayanthi package for our guests at special rates.

Follow Gandhiji’s austere choices, with unlimited fruit juices, soft beverages and non-alcoholic drinks,

For breakfast, at any time of your choice, we will serve a delicious local vegetarian breakfast spread of freshly-baked pavs, alu bhaji, chole bhaji, masala dosa/idli, butter and jam, fruit & fruit-juice. No tea coffee or eggs will be served in according with Gandhiji’s ideals.

We will serve you a special Gujarati dinner meal with Gandhiji’s preferences of rice,dal, chapatis buttermilk and vegetables at our cabana in the rear of the villa in total privacy.

No alcohol will be served in keeping with Gandhiji’s abhorence for such intoxicating drinks and in accordance with the dry day. We request you make a special effort to honour the Father-of-the-Nation and stay alcohol-free for just a day !

Book early to avoid disappointment as we are a small,boutique property and get booked out pretty fast.

So hurry, pack your bags and come to spend this Gandhi Jayanti in a truly unique manner at the Mitaroy Goa Hotel on 2nd Oct 2015.

The Mitaroy Goa Hotel “Gandhi Jayanti Goa Package” is a 4 Day, 3 Night Package at a special all inclusive rate of only 15 K.

Traditional vs Modern Building Materials in Goa

Traditional vs Modern Building Materials

The replacement of traditional Goan construction materials with more modern, often imported materials from either the rest of India or even abroad, is not only problematic from an aesthetic point of view, but also compromises the durability and functionality of the old Goan buildings and ultimately their authenticity. For example, the use of cement instead of traditional Goan lime-based plaster has a number of consequences. Unlike plaster, cement does not allow evaporation of moisture and will not allow the walls to breathe properly. This can lead to rising damp as ground moisture seeps up the walls, causing plaster to flake off and mould to grow. This is a huge problem in many old Goan houses. Furthermore, frescoes and decorative artwork on the buildings’ interior walls deteriorate and are often destroyed. Furthermore, when moisture is trapped in the building it often moves up to the roof beams where it contributes to decaying the timber.

When modern paint is applied to the external plaster or cement of the building, the porosity of the walls is further decreased. Traditional Goan lime-wash, on the other hand, unlike most modern paints, allows evaporation of moisture.

Another modern item often used in construction is corrugated iron sheeting (tin roofs as they are popularly known in Goa), but the use of this metal as roofing material, instead of the traditional locally made Goan /Mangalore tiles, causes buildings to heat up much more than they normally would and this warmth accelerates the rising damp and deterioration process, with disastrous effects for older buildinngs.

Traditional local Goan building materials, unlike their modern counterparts, have been chosen and developed with local Goan climatic conditions in mind. Furthermore, the techniques for the use of these traditional Goan materials have been refined over many generations. Buildings made with traditional Goan materials, being better suited to the hot and humid Goan climate are, contrary to popular assumption, cooler than those built with concrete.

In addition to the adverse aesthetic effect and their impact on the durability of Goan heritage buildings, the use of modern materials unfortunately leads to the loss of local Goan knowledge and traditional Goan construction methods, with adverse consequences for local skills development and cultural pride of both artisans and local Goan citizens.

My Mitaroy Goa Hotel, itself a 400 year old Portuguese Heritage Bungalow, is a prime example of a successful building restoration project in Goa. The restoration project demonstrates that there is a viable alternative to demolition of old Goan houses. Guests at my Mitaroy Goa Hotel can see how modern comforts can be accommodated into traditional Goan houses without detracting from its historic fabric and how restoration can be accomplished using traditional Goan materials and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation of Goan artisans and craftsmen.