Mario Miranda’s 90th birth anniversary celebrations in Goa

Mario Miranda's 90th birth anniversary celebrations in Goa

The iconic Mario Miranda’s another famous Goan son of the soil touched generations with his humor. Mario featured Goan parents and grandparents in his works and so their children were more curious to see them in his cartoons.

Mario’s well loved characters,Ms.Fonseca the underdog,Godbole the Boss, Bundalbass the politician and the beggar are interesting characters forming part of the urban post independence era.

From the age of 10, he maintained 3 visual diaries of life around him on Goa’s socio-cultural environment from 1949, 1950 and 1951 which developed along with his draftmanship and style.Mario’s importance is that he saw the humorous side of life and issues in a world filled with discontent and violence.

I myself am very fond of Mario’s humor and have put up many of his paintings and picturesque tiles in my Mitaroy Goa hotel,Fontainhas,which I find very interesting and amusing, typifying the funnier side of Goan life.

A long time friend of Mario, Architect Gerard da Cunh has used the opportunity to release an illustrated diary of the 22 year old Mario while he was a student of St. Xavier’s Bombay.”Mario’s work on Goa is very powerful and mesmerizing which adds to the feeling of a fairyland” says Gerard.

The Mitaroy Goa Guide, edited annually by me, is proudly displayed and sold at Gerard’s Houses of Goa Museum, an Indo-Portuguese ship shaped architectural museum!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Mario 🙂


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