Legend has it that there was a rich Indian businessman during the time of the British Colonial Raj.

Thanks to his dealings first with the East India Company and then with the British Government, he had amassed a great amount of wealth. But more precious to him was his only daughter Madhumita (or “Mita” for short). He loved Mita more than anything else in this world and he wanted to get her married off to a boy from a well to do family who was of their same social stature and class.

However, as fate would have it, Mita (who used to accompany her father for his meetings with the British Government) fell in love with a lowly and penniless clerk in the administration called Roy. She began to meet him in secret without her father’s knowledge and soon realised that she could marry no other.

When she told her father about Roy, he was furious and prohibited her from meeting Roy. Distraught and love sick yet obedient, she obeyed her father’s wishes.

However, the once happy and cheerful girl lost her appetite along with her zest for life. Slowly as days turned into months, she became thinner and thinner until one day she was so weak that she caught a flu and passed away in the night, still pining for her lover.

The “Mitaroy” Goa Hotel – India’s only Couples Hotel – is dedicated to the tragic love story of Mita and Roy and their unrequited love…


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