Miramar Beach and the environment

Photo Courtesy: ruggedanay.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/miramar-beach-goa
Photo Courtesy: ruggedanay.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/miramar-beach-goa

On the occasion of World Environment Day,one should look with the concern at the fragile ecosystem of Goa,which is not meant only to support Tourism  but as a means of livelihood for Goan fishermen.Goa’s marine life is under constant threat from human intervention.

Miramar beach is an estuary with different ecological and evolutionary history. Located just 3km from my Mitaory Goa hotel, it has always been recommended by me as a truly relaxing beach for the family to enjoy without any eve teasing/overflowing tourists This is because it did not have the usual Goa shacks or water sport activities.All this is going to change with the recent introduction of boat rides at the impromptu jetty for pleasure boats at one end of the beach.This has attracted huge crowds of tourists making it a public bus-stand like place with open air toilet,strewn garbage  and severe degradation of whatever green cover exists.The loud music played by the boats  adds to the noise pollution. The congestion in the strip shows the complete unawareness of the powers that be,of the importance of beachfronts in natural and man-made coastal disaster managements.Already the existing sand dunes have been damaged and the traditional fisherman have  stopped fishing since they could only catch garbage in their fishing nets.

Every citizen has a duty to protect the environment.I take this responsibility very seriously which is why my cleaning staff are made to clean not only my Mitaroy Goa hotel but the front,back and side access roads ,cutting weeds and tall grass.I have repeatedly petitioned the corporation to not only get rid of unwanted waste, but to make surrounding landowners level and clean unoccupied properties and urged my neighbors to keep the heritage zone of Fontainhas clean and noise free.


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