View from my Balcao: Goa in the rains !

My dad blogs from his Balcao in Goa…


Gimme shelter is the cover of one of the Rolling Stones popular albums.

And as the cloud cover in the sky bursts forth in a torrent of whiplash South West monsoons in the tiny state of Goa, nature’s power to upstage man’s arrogance is manifested in the sheets of rain that come down unforgivingly on your red-tiled-roof, beginning June and going on unabated till mid-September. you will ask for just that – shelter from the storm !.

Goa-in-the-rains is downtime for tourism and a celebration of calm & tranquility, a throw-back to the good times when tourism was not on fast-forward, but that was long ago & far away in time.

May-days are eagerly count-downed. Thankfully, last year, Mr Monsoon came a-calling on the dot on June 1st, putting an end to the agonising wait of sweltering heat that gets menancing by the day with a precious let-up in the evenings as the cool sea-breezes allow some respite.

As you meander along the relatively emptier highways, streets & bye-roads you can rediscover the serenity of the Goan countryside with its graceful cloak of green saplings, green-washed foliage and rain-washed countryscapes. White-washed Churches appear whiter, red-tiled-roofs seem just that redder, even the black asphalt of the road shines bright. Fishing is on enforced downtime (seafood is hard-to-get) as the storm-clouds gather on-the-run as if waiting to empty themselves into the churning grey expanse of ocean afar. Watch, ( from afar – the cosy confines of a stray-shack thats still doing the rounds ) in awe the breakers crashing to the shores, as nature, intruding its erstwhile frolicsome avtaar, comes down heavily, literally & figuratively, on man-made support-systems that suddenly seem so frail and vulnerable, against its mighty onslaught.Take a sunset strolle down the Panjim Causeway, with it array of raintrees along the boulevard – pretty sight.

Goa becomes its old self – quieter, less infested with loud tourists, table-space is easily available at the local shack or downtown restaurant, no road-rage and lots of spac to manouver your two-wheeler as you merrily ride the storm in your 2-piece rain-gear, or just stay indoors, pour a fiery feni ( fried breadfruit or ganbi-roasted shrimps) and watch the rain descend for hours at a stretch.

Enjoy Goa in the rains !


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