The Mitaroy Edinburgh Hotel is a situated in a quaint and picturesque neighbourhood of Edinburgh, yet only a few miles away from the famous Old and New Towns.

Portobello is a coastal suburb situated to the east of the city. An independent town till 1896, it is famous for its impressive coastal views, long, serene beaches and Art Deco-style promenade. Its elegant Georgian and Victorian architecture is protected within the conservation area and ensures that the area retains its unique character and sense of identity.

The area has a wide range of local restaurants and bars or trendy cafés and bakeries where you can sample traditional delicacies in a quiet, romantic setting and a number of independent boutiques and street markets where you can shop for souvenirs, crockery, glassware, art and clothing.

With its royal history, traditional architecture and typical culture, the Mitaroy Edinburgh Hotel evokes a unique sense of Scottish flair…